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EZBIS chiropractic software has been created with the input of thousands of chiropractors over four decades. EZBIS is the premier solution for patient accounting and billing, chiropractic EHR, appointment scheduling with automated reminders, online appointment scheduling, patient self-check-in, insurance payment auto-posting, built-in credit card processing, inventory control, internet patient portal and more.  EZBIS is the most experienced developer of chiropractic practice management and electronic health records software, servicing chiropractors since 1980. What's more, EZBIS offers the best customer support in the industry.
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Best Customer Service

Best Customer Service

EZBIS offer world-class customer service to make sure that you know how to effectively use EZBIS chiropractic software to make your office as efficiently as possible.

Chiropractic Software with Modular Design

Modular Design

We give you the flexibility to create a software system that matches your exact needs. Choose from electronic health records, billing, collections, scheduling and more.

Software Specifically for Chiropractors


EZBIS software is designed specifically for chiropractors. Our long history with the chiropractic profession has enabled us to provide solutions to meet the unique needs of chiropractors.

EZBIS Office - Software for Chiropractors

EZBIS Office chiropractic software is a uniquely-designed practice management and EHR software system for chiropractors. Unlike all other programs available today, EZBIS chiropractic software is modular in design. This means that you can choose just the combination of features that best fits the needs of your office from electronic health records (EHR) to billing, scheduling and more.

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See what's new with EZBIS. We are continuously adding new features and services to make your office even more efficient.

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Awesome Customer Support

EZBIS prides itself on its five-star support team. Not only does EZBIS produce high quality, easy-to-use chiropractic software, but the company also provides a very high level of customer service and support. Customer service representatives and technical support specialists are on hand to answer questions and solve problems.

Top-notch R & D Team

Unlike many other software vendors, EZBIS has a full-time development team to enhance the software and we are able to react quickly to changes in the healthcare industry for mandated changes and compliancy requirements. Our quality assurance team makes sure that our chiropractic software is problem-free and works as designed.

Testimonials from EZBIS Chiropractic Software Users

Don't just take our word for it. There are thousands of satisfied EZBIS users from coast to coast who can vouch for the quality and ease-of-use of our chiropractic software products and who have experienced our unmatched level of customer support and service. Read what just a few of them have to say about EZBIS.

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