EZBIS, Inc. is the nation’s foremost manufacturer of comprehensive, custom featured chiropractic software. EZBIS has been developing and marketing software that is specific to the chiropractic industry since 1980. With thousands of satisfied clients from coast-to-coast, EZBIS stands out above the other chiropractic software manufacturers in three ways:

  • Experience

    Forty years experience in providing reliable, custom-featured chiropractic practice management software. No chiropractic software vendor has more experience than EZBIS.

  • Modular

    Our packages are designed to promote clinic growth with a modular approach to practice management software. Doctors can start with a patient accounting and billing features only, but later add modules for appointment scheduling, automated SOAP notes, open-item accounting and more!

  • Cutting Edge

    We constantly enhance our programs and distribute updates to our clients. We know that our customers are our best resource for discovering new ways to improve office efficiency. We add those enhancements that are requested by our customers to make our software products even better and easier to use.

With our commitment to reliability, development, and customer satisfaction, we can justifiably boast that our systems have replaced many other leading chiropractic programs. Make the right choice the first time with EZBIS.

Serving chiropractors for over 38 years
“We researched many insurance programs before we purchased the EZBIS program. We found the price attractive and extremely competitive. Although other programs offer similar features, they aren’t tailor made for the chiropractic office as EZBIS is.”Dr. Ron Collins, New Orleans, LA
“…we absolutely love the new [EZBIS] Office software. It has made our lives so much easier…”
Dr. Jeff Selano, Dallas, GA
“The EZBIS program is a tremendous product and makes practice a lot easier.” Dr. Jason Jones, Elizabeth City, NC
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