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Cost and Limitations Disclosure for ONC Heath IT Certification Program

2014-Edition Certified

EZBIS Electronic Heatlh Record software is certified as a complete EHR for the 2014 Edition of the Medicare EHR Incentive Program. The folowing describes our certification status and disclosure statement oif additional costs or fees and material product limitations:

Certified Product

Developer E-Z BIS, Inc.
Date product certified April 21, 2016
Product version E-Z BIS Office version 10.5
[Other 2014-Edition certified versions]
Unique certification number
Certification criteria to which the product has been certified

170.314(b)(1-5, 7)

CQMs to which the product has been certified CMS050v2
Additional software certified product relied upon to demonstrate its compliance with cerfitication criteria

Emdeon Clinician (now known as Change Healthcare Clinical Exchange)
EMR Direct phiMail

ONC Disclaimer

This Complete EHR is 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Cost and Limitations

This certified product-version requires additional costs, contractual obligations and technical and practical limitations as described below:

Additional Costs

E-Z BIS offers both a standard Electronic Health Records system that does not offer the capabilities needed to meet the objectives of the EHR Incentive Program, and an add-on “Meaningful Use Option” (MUO) that supplements the standard EHR with capabilities for needed to meet the objectives of the EHR Incentive program. The E-Z BIS EHR with the added MUO is the electronic health record technology that has been tested and certified as a complete ambulatory EHR. E-Z BIS charges a one-time fee for the MUO. In addition to the one-time MUO fee, E-Z BIS charges a recurring monthly fee per provider who is participating in the EHR Incentive Program. E-Z BIS licensees are required to sign an agreement when purchasing the MUO, which specifies these fees. The term of the agreement is for the duration of the providers’ participation in the EHR Incentive program. E-Z BIS also requires that licensees participating in the EHR Incentive Program purchase and maintain an annual service agreement subscription so as to receive necessary updates and assistance.

The one-time and recurring fees cover all features and capabilities which are not included in the standard E-Z BIS EHR for the specific purpose of meeting the objectives of the EHR Incentive Program including, but not limited to; CPOE, drug-drug and drug-allergy interaction checks, clinical decision support, reporting of clinical quality measures to CMS, generation and transmission of permissible prescriptions electronically, timely provision of electronic copies of patient health information with the ability to view online, download and transmit, provision of clinical summaries for each visit, drug formulary checks, medication reconciliation, incorporation of clinical lab test results, submission of electronic data to immunization registries, submission of syndromic surveillance data to public health agencies, secure patient-provider messaging, incorporation of imaging and imaging results and electronic transmission of summary of care records upon transition of patients to another provider of care.


EHR Incentive Program objectives cannot be met with the standard EZBIS EHR. Meaningful Use can only be achieved with the add-on purchase of the EZBIS Meaningful Use Option. EZBIS licensees are required to maintain annual service agreements and upon expiration, many functionalities required for achieving Meaningful Use are disabled. The certified E-Z BIS EHR product requires an internet connection to perform many required tasks and for licensing verification.

The certified E-Z BIS EHR utilizes EMRDirect phiMail for the facilitation of Direct messaging. Direct messaging is a secure email standard designed for healthcare. Doctors, hospitals, labs, nursing stations, or anyone needing to share health information, is assigned a unique Direct Address, such as Although it looks like a regular email address, Direct messaging software enables an environment in which all messages sent from and received by that address can be protected and processed in accordance with HIPAA rules. By relying on EMRDirect phiMail for Direct messaging, providers using the certified EZBIS EHR are limited to exchanging Direct messages with Direct addresses that are associated with the trust communities with which EMRDirect participates. Each trust network may impose its own restrictions and/or limitations upon participants, including eligibility requirements. To successfully send to and/or receive from a counter party endpoint, Direct exchange specifications may require the active cooperation of that counter party's HISP and/or Health IT vendor.

Third Parties

The certified E-Z BIS product is dependent upon third parties for some capabilities. These third parties are Change Healthcare (formerly Emdeon) for electronic prescribing, drug interaction and formulary checks and other functions and EMR Direct is utilized to facilitate Direct Messaging. E-Z BIS licensees may not choose alternatives to these third parties and are not required to enter into separate agreements with the third parties.

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