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E-Z BIS Software Products

Our packages are designed to promote clinic growth, starting with the E-Z BIS Billing System to E·Z BIS Office for a comprehensive practice management solution. As your practice grows, E-Z BIS is easily upgraded to more users, clinics and doctors. With add-on modules for Front Desk and Electronic Health Records, the whole office can benefit from increased productivity.

E-Z BIS Office  A comprehensive software package that includes everything you need for patient accounting, billing, appointment scheduling, patient health documentation and much, much more. E-Z BIS Office is modular in design; buy as a complete system or choose the features that best suit your practice.

E-Z BIS Basic For the new or smaller practice, or if you need patient accounting and billing features only. Later, your software can grow with your practice. Simply add modules for appointments, notes and more!

E-Z BIS Electronic Health Records The E·Z BIS EHR sytem module makes it easy to record patient health information, enter daily notes and generate complete, professional narratives, SOAP notes and other health documentation. E·Z BIS EHR can be TOTALLY integrated with the billing, scheduling and other features of the E·Z BIS Office practice management software.

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