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EZBIS Office Version 10.5

New Review of Systems feature in EHR

The EZBIS EHR system now features a brand new Review of Systems tool that offers a way for patients to complete a checklist of symptoms that they are experiencing for entry into the EZBIS software.

Review of Systems

The systems included are those specified by CMS for Medicare compliance. The symptoms, both positive and negative, are included when generating documentation from the EZBIS EHR system.

Condition Synchronization between Filing and EHR

Condition Synchronization

EZBIS 10.5 now synchronizes changes made to the diagnosis and other condition-related data between the Condition tab in the Filing Module and the Diagnosis and Care Plan tabs in EHR. You can now modify the diagnosis from either Filing or EHR and the changes are made in both places!

Print Outcomes Assessment Questionnaires

Now you can print outcomes assessment questionnaires to be filled out by patients for entry into the EZBIS EHR system.

Search for Patients by First Name

Version 10.5 adds a way to search for patients by first name, last name or either first or last name. Now, when you only remember a patient’s first name, it is easy to find the account!

Search by First Name

Also, we now include “sounds like” search results below the exact matches.

Alternate Phone Number in Front Desk

We now display an alternate phone number for patients on the Front Desk appointment screens and in the appointment reports, with an indicator for the type of phone; cell, work or other.

Alternate Phone in Front Desk

EMV Credit Cards (chip-based)

The EZBIS/XCharge integrated credit card payment solution now has the ability to process computer chip-enabled credit cards. Contact-less transactions are also possible, such as with ApplePay and SamsungPay. Two different EMV terminals are supported.

EMV (chip-based) Credit Cards

New Change Account Number Feature

Now, there is an easy way to change a patient account number. (EZBIS system administrators only)

Change Account Number

New “Technique” Items in Electronic Health Records

The EHR Treatment Chart now offers a way to add different treatment techniques to make it easier to indicate the chiropractic technique that was used for different areas of the spine.

Technique Items for EHR

Prompt for Doctor Number on Individual Service Codes

There has always been a way for EZBIS to prompt for the doctor number when posting services for those practices with multiple providers who often cross-treat each other’s patients. But sometimes, patients are generally treated by the same doctor, but there might be multiple therapists. Now you can set up individual service codes to prompt for the provider.

Prompt for Doctor on Service Codes



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