EZBIS Cloud-based Option

EZBIS Cloud-based Option

Cloud computing has many advantages, including the ability to use the software from any location where internet access is available and can be used on a wide variety of computing platforms, including Macs. Also, you never need to worry about losing data, because the software and patient data is backed up and maintained for you automatically.

EZBIS in the Cloud includes the exact same software . . .the complete set of EZBIS Office features, including electronic billing, scheduling, electronic health records and more. Telephone support is included at no additional charge.


The EZBIS Cloud-based option includes everything that the on-premise, server-based EZBIS Office offers. It has everything that a chiropractic practice needs for effective and efficient treating of patients and running the front desk and back office. EZBIS office is SCALABLE too, so it is perfect for any sized practice, from a solo practitioner all the way to multi-doctor and multi-location operations. This comprehensive package offers advanced features such as automatic appointment reminders, auto-posting of insurance payments, cash payment plans, integrated credit card processing, online patient portal, high-tech human body illustrations for in the electronic health records, coordinated scheduling changes between the EHR and the Front Desk, user-defined layout in the EHR for doctors to see exactly the information they need when treating patients and much, much more.

For those doctors who either are participating in the Merit-based Incentive Program (MIPS), EZBIS Office is ONC-certified under the latest 2015-Edition of certification.