EZBIS Modules

EZBIS Modules

EZBIS chiropractic software utilizes a number of modules that allow users to choose the exact combination of features that best suits the needs of their own individual practices. "EZBIS Office" combines all of the modules for complete practice automation, but software systems can be configured "ala carte" style too. Here is a listing of all of the currently available modules and add-on options.

Filing module

The EZBIS Filing module is the base module and is the only required module. Think of it as a filing cabinet. It is where patient accounts are created and where you can view patient demographic information, insurance coverage, condition information and accounting data, such as past charges and payments and all past insurance claims filed. You can work with patient accounts individually here to enter new charges or payments, create an insurance claim or patient statement and view or print basic practice management reports.

Billing module

The billing module adds lots of automation to the EZBIS software system. In this module, you work with batches of patients to automatically bill insurance for all patients with unbilled charges, print monthly patients to be mailed or uploaded to the MyPatientSite.com patient portal. It includes our exclusive "Batch Entry System" which is a ledger where all patient charges and payments for the day are entered, or where you see these charges and payments that flow into your daily batch from other EZBIS software modules. This unique batch ledger gives you the ability to review the day's transactions and make any necessary adjustments before posting them into the patient accounts. you can even print a deposit slip for the day when closing out the batch!

The Billing module also adds a multitude of pre-designed reports and graphs for billing, collections, patient relations and marketing help you to better manage your practice.

Collection Desk module

Collection Desk adds two primary capabilities. The first is something called "open-item accounting" also known as "line-item accounting". This means that payments are applied to individual services that have been billed, so that you tracking which services are paid or not paid and by how much. Without collection desk, payments are applied to claims to track which claims are paid and which ones are not. A "Collection Worksheet provides a detailed analysis so that you can see exactly where your collection efforts need to be focused.

The second great benefit of the Collection Desk module is to add the ability to "auto-post" insurance payments. When insurance claims are filed electronically, an "ERA" (electronic version of an EOB) is imported into the EZBIS software and all of the payment information, including the discounts, patient responsibility and and other adjustments are automatically applied to your patient accounts, all in the blink of an eye! What once took hours of data entry time now takes seconds!

Front Desk module

Front Desk is the EZBIS appointment scheduling system. This extremely versatile module offers three different views your appointments for the day; the Book View shows your day at a glance. You can instantly view the status of every appointment including whether the appointment was kept or missed. Each doctors’ appointments are displayed in a separate column, indicating the time and length of every appointment. Color codes indicate special types of appointments such as new patients and re-exams. The Ledger View shows a listing of appointments with a variety of filters for viewing an individual patient or an individual doctor. The Calendar View displays a two-month calendar view that shows both past and future appointments for a single patient.

An easy check-in feature shows which patients are currently in the office and a check-out feature marks the appointments as kept and prompts for the services rendered. Patients can sign-in on an electronic signature pad, creating a digital sign-in sheet. The EZBIS Front Desk has an easy way to block out periods of time when the office is closed, or when a particular doctor will be out of the office. You can even reserve portions of the day for special kinds of appointments, like new patient exams or re-exams. There are loads of other scheduling features and reports to make your Front Desk efficient and streamlined.

Electronic Health Records module

The EZBIS Electronic Health Records (EHR) module makes it easy to record patient health information, enter daily notes and generate complete, professional-looking narratives, SOAP notes and other patient documentation. Customizable side panels give you the flexibility to design your own user interface, to show the exact types of patient information that you wish to see when treating patients. No flipping from screen to screen. Everything that you need is visible all at once.

Our digital body images let you choose a body part and them document everything needed for We offer a unique treatment chart that lets you see past visits when treating for today. Plus, you design the screens to show you the exact information that is most important to you when treating the patient. We’ve designed EZBIS EHR to make the entering of patient health information quick and easy so that the documentation does not get in the way of treating your patients.

One of the biggest benefits to using EZBIS Electronic Health Records is that the EHR information is tightly integrated with the other modules and features of the comprehensive EZBIS Office practice management software. Unlike stand-alone EHR or EMR systems, there is no duplicate data entry involved. Enter the information once and it is used for health records, billing, and scheduling. As you enter the treatment information in your daily notes, the billing codes are entered for you, automatically. This eliminates the chance for data-entry errors by staff members since the codes are precisely the ones that you specify. Our EHR lets you communicate scheduling changes to the Front Desk and requests for re-exams or other special kinds of visits.

Waiting Room module

The EZBIS Waiting Room is a patient self-check-in system that makes your office even more efficient by improving your patient flow and reducing the responsibilities of your front desk staff. Now, patients can check themselves in at a computer in the waiting room (or elsewhere) and even add their own subjective complaints!

The touch-screen check-in process is simple for any patient! There are two methods for patients to check-in. With a touch-screen, they can type the last name and birth date, or using the optional bar-code reader and they scan a bar-coded “key tag” or credit card-sized plastic card. Once the patient has checked in, the patient can sign in with an optional digital signature capture device. Your EZBIS software stores all signatures indefinitely so that at any time you can see the digital signature on each appointment and you can even print out all of the patient visit signatures for a day. This technology eliminates your paper sign-in sheet!

When using the EZBIS Electronic Health Records module, you can have the patients enter their subjective complaints from the Waiting Room computer kiosk, so that by the time you see the patient, all that you enter is the remainder of the progress notes. No more will you have to interview the patient about how they are feeling today!


In addition to the modules shown above, EZBIS offers many optional add-on features that enhance the software to meet specific needs. With EZBIS, you only pay for the features you need and not for the ones that you don't. Here are just a few popular add-on features:

  • Appointment Reminders

    Automatically remind patients of their upcoming appointments by text, voice calls or email. You can even send recall messages to patients who miss their appointments.

  • Built-in Credit Card Processing

    Eliminate the separate credit card terminal and process cards right inside of the EZBIS software in a single, easy step. EMV (chip-based) cards are supported. You can even accept online payments using the MyPatientSite.com patient portal.

  • Electronic Claims, Remittances and Eligibility

    EZBIS works with a number of electronic claims clearinghouses to provide electronic data interchange.

See our Partners page for information about these and other add-on options.