EZBIS Connection to North Carolina HealthConnex

North Carolina HealthConnex

EZBIS is pleased to announce that after extensive development and testing, the EZBIS connection to North Carolina HealthConnex is now available.

The EZBIS connection to North Carolina HealthConnex fulfills the requirements for North Carolina providers for submission of patient health data. As we have communicated before, submission of health information to HealthConnex is mandated by the state of North Carolina by January 1, 2023 in order to continue to receive claim reimbursement for all state-funded health plans including Medicaid, the NC State Health Plan (SHP) and others. Additionally, Health Network Solutions (HNS) requires all HNS members to participate and submit health information to HealthConnex regardless of whether providers receive funds from state funded health plans or not.

For more information about the North Carolina Health Information Exchange Authority (NC HIEA) and HealthConnex, visit their website at https://hiea.nc.gov/providers/

While January 1, 2023 seems far in the future, it is important to initiate connectivity to HealthConnex as soon as possible. Every healthcare provider in the state of North Carolina has the same deadline and there will a scramble to connect all providers in advance of the deadline. EZBIS users will also need to become familiar with the process for entering health information in the EZBIS Electronic Health Records system. So, please do not delay. See more information about how to connect your EZBIS software to HealthConnex here. Read more about EZBIS Electronic Health Records here.

To get started or for additional information, contact Bob Bennett at EZBIS, (800) 445-7816, extension 217.