Support Policies

EZBIS Support Policies

EZBIS provides 90 days of free customer service and technical support with the purchase of a new EZBIS software license. After the initial free support period, ongoing support is offered in several ways:

Service Subscriptions

Service Subscriptions provide the ability to get the maximum potential use from EZBIS products. EZBIS Service Representatives are available on toll-free support hot-lines during regular business hours; plus you get free minor and major enhancement updates and free “profile updates” such as for address changes.  Each year that a service contract is renewed qualifies an EZBIS customer for a day of training at the EZBIS training facility in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Service agreements also provide additional “bonus features” which are not available for customers without annual service agreement plans. Bonus features include automated patient intake over the internet, electronic delivery of monthly patient statements and sending of bulk email from Survey Generator.

Call EZBIS at (800) 445-7816, option 4, for current service subscription rates. Discounts are available for renewal of the annual subscriptions.

Pay-as-you-go Telephone Support

For EZBIS customers without annual service agreements, EZBIS offers telephone support and consultation at a per-minute rate, Monday through from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Central time), Monday through Friday except holidays. There is a minimum of $12.00 per call. For current per-minute pricing, call (800) 445-7816, option 4.

Email Support

For basic questions about using your EZBIS software, you can send email to the EZBIS customer service team. Responses are usually returned within one business day. Complex issues are not well-suited for email support and must be handled by telephone consultation. There is no charge for email support.

Customer Forums

The EZBIS customer forums are a great way to get answers for frequently-asked questions and to share ideas with other EZBIS software users. The forums are moderated by the EZBIS customer service team, who provide quick, accurate answers to posted questions. The EZBIS customer forums are free!

Scope of Service

EZBIS provides assistance and technical support for our software products, but certain types of technical issues with hardware and operating systems are best handled by your local information technology experts. Examples of problems that are not supported by EZBIS include:

  • Compatibility with hardware and operating systems that are not within the specifications of our software requirements
  • Virus Infection cleaning and removing
  • Administrative server activities, such as setting user permissions and security controls
  • Hardware malfunctions
  • Unauthorized or improper use of EZBIS software