User Testimonials

EZBIS User Testimonials

I have been using EZBIS for over 20 years and they still surprise me with their innovative updates.

It is easy to understand & use, and customer service reps are always patient and helpful. They are always creating new ways to help the doctor & staff do their jobs more thoroughly.

— Dianne Fitzgibbon, Total Health and Wellness Center

Great software and customer service!

The program is easy to use and customer service is always friendly and helpful. Highly recommended company!

— Emily Kisor, Thiesse Chiropractic

Best software on the market for any Chiropractic or Medical Office! None Compare!

The software makes the work in the office so simple, verifying insurance in one stroke at front desk, reminding patients of appointments by text or email or message, Entering patients from patient portal (interactive with software) Incredible! There are too many items to describe and the Customer Support is awesome! Been with the company over 30 years.

This software saves time and money in hiring employees to complete the tasks that the software can handle in reminding patients of appointments and the task of verifying is so much quicker it's ridiculous.

— Deborah Presley, Johnson Ferry Chiropractic Center

Best company EVER. Top notch support team

This company has made my life easier! The software is so user friendly and their software support team is the best you could ever dream of. They are friendly and completely knowledgeable in what they do. Transitions of any kind are so easy with them. I can't run my business without EZBIS and would recommend them to every chiropractic office!!!

— Tonya Jolin, Jolin Chiropractic Center, S.C.

14 Years of Great Service

Our clinic has used EZBIS software since July of 2004 and we have been very satisfied the entire time. The software has worked great and the customer service has been excellent. Even with all the health care changes over the last five to 10 years including EHR, PQRS, Meaningful Use, and ICD 10 coding, the EZBIS software has always been ahead of the changes. Great company, great software, and 14 years of great service!

— Dr. Mark Wiegand, Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Our office has been using EZBIS since the late 1980's. Excellent!!!

EZBIS is the best "complete" software for the chiropractic office! In today's market, with many "gadgets", it is easy for a new graduate to be persuaded to utilize other software that "appears" to have everything. Unfortunately, what new graduates are not equipped to evaluate is the long term productivity for all aspects of the office (ease of data entry, billing, collections, and follow up just to name a few). An excellent chiropractic software is not just EHR with all the "enticing bells and whistles". One aspect about the software that is a definite pro is that the system has built in capabilities of performing a singular task through different means based upon how you want your office to function. This feature is exceptional as all offices function differently, having different procedures and different staff completing separate functions. In the 30 years I have worked with this software, I have always been completely satisfied with the updates and especially the customer service. Words can not express the patience the customer service department has to solve any problem and take suggestions for future improvements. Throughout the past 30 years, I have had the privilege to speak with many other offices about their software, only to find we definitely made the correct choice. Thank you Aaron (sales) for always answering any question we have!

— Michelle Wolf, East Washington Chiropractic

The Total Package!!

When we opened our office we purchased EZBIS Office Software which included everything we needed to start our practice; (appointment scheduling with reminders available; billing; collections; etc...) because several colleagues had recommended this software.

When we learned that it was going to be mandatory to use electronic health records and become paperless we started researching pros and cons between the different types of software available. Being a "server based" system was more appealing to us; especially after hearing horror stories of clinics losing years of data with "web based" software. With a server based system I am in control of the back ups. Even more important was the fact that if the internet were to go down it would not cease all patient care.

** This actually happened recently; we were without internet for two days! With a web based server we would have had to utilize wi-fi (a possible security risk) and that is only if the wi-fi could connect. We had no issues what so ever. Crisis averted!!

All of the software available for health records say they are customizable, the catch is YOU have to customize all of it. EZBIS is extremely user friendly. We were able to customize our clinics EHR to mirror our travel cards we had designed. This was HUGE as learning to utilize electronic health records can be quite intimidating. Ez Bis comes to you with built in tutorials and searchable manuals, and if you need assistance you get to speak to a real-live person who cares about the job they are doing!

We highly recommend choosing EZBIS as your clinics software~ it truly is the total package and you won't be disappointed!

— Anie Kinser, Anderson Chiropractic Center

I'm in practice today because of EZBIS....I would not have been able to cope without it and them.

The software itself is sufficiently complex to cover all the issues but is straight-forward and essentially easy to use. The remote access feature is surprisingly comforting in that it makes it certain that the issue is seen by the rep and makes instruction in how to do or not do it (whatever the issue is) again. The most valuable part of EZBIS is the support staff, far and away! They know their product inside out, are very gracious when dealing with a confused customer, never fail to make sure the issue is resolved to full satisfaction and that no other issues are lurking over the horizon, and have a light heart ( which in and of itself reflects very well on EZBIS management and their staff training program ...including sales staff training, BTW).

— Susan E Jones, DC, CCSP

We love EZBIS!

Our chiropractic office has been using EZBIS since 1990. We absolutely love it! The software is extremely user friendly and the customer service has always been fantastic. The EZBIS team is also very responsive to the customer's needs and always able to help where they can. We couldn't recommend EZBIS enough.

— Dr. Cindy Beemer, Beemer Back Center

EZBIS hits the mark!

Our office has used EZBIS for a few years now and have been very pleased with the software as well as the technical support they provide. However, we recently bought, and tried out, what we thought was going to be bigger and better software. Well, not so much. Dumped it after three weeks and went back to our tried and true EZBIS. Happy staff! Happy patients! Happy doctors! Thanks so much!

— Shawn Isdale, DC, Isdale Chiropractic

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