EZBIS Version 13-2

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Enhancements to Electronic Health Records

New Patient Express for EHR
In version 13, there is a quick and easy way to add the first visit for a patient in the Electronic Health Records module. An all-in-one New Patient Express gives you everything you need on one screen.

New Patient Express
When opening a patient for the first time in the EHR module, the New Patient Express screen opens to quickly document the first visit. This eliminates the need to navigate to different areas of EHR to enter information. However, by filling out this one screen, the data is visible everywhere that it is needed afterwards.

Medicare Checklist
One of the biggest challenges for chiropractors is to ensure that your documentation meets all of Medicare’s compliancy guidelines. EZBIS 13 now makes this simple by providing a checklist to make sure that ALL Medicare requirements are fulfilled, including P.A.R.T. At a glance, you can see if you have documented everything that is necessary. Checklists are provided for both the assessment visit and subsequent treatment visits.
Helpful information is displayed that describes the Medicare Guidelines and how to meet each requirement.

Medicare Checklist