EZBIS Version 13-3

Easy Voice Dictation
Windows 10 and Windows 11 include voice recognition and dictation that is very effective. EZBIS now offers a quick and easy way to trigger dictation so that you can press a button and begin speaking to record notes.

Enhanced Vehicle Wizard
The Vehicle Wizard used to quickly document the circumstances of a motor vehicle accident has been improved to include more factors to more completely describe the accident.

Voice Dictation

Lots More!

Patient Calendar Report
We now have a patient calendar report which shows the appointments for the next 6 months that can be printed, emailed or uploaded to the patient portal. A two-month version is also available.

Print Calendar

Emailed Receipts *
You can now email patient receipts and credit card receipts or upload a copy to the MyPatientSite patient portal.

Credit Card Surcharges / Non-cash Adjustments
Many businesses are choosing to charge either what is known as a surcharge (also sometimes referred to as a non-cash adjustment) in order to offset the fees incurred for accepting credit card payments. Now, EZBIS users with an integration with one of our credit card payment solutions can add surcharges to credit card sales.

Additional Choices for Patient Work Status
We’ve added some additional patient work status options of Employed Full-Time, Employed Part-Time, Retired, and Unemployed, in addition to the previous options of Employed, Full-Time Student, and Part-Time Student.

Patient Calendar

 That’s Not All!

These are just some of the great new enhancements in EZBIS version 13. Call (800) 445-7816 for more information about what new or to order your version 13 update!

* Email features require an EZBIS annual service agreement.

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