EZBIS Version 13

EZBIS Version 13!
EZBIS was already the premiere chiropractic practice management and electronic health records software. Now, EZBIS Version 13 makes it even better!

Two-way texting with Patients *
Now, EZBIS appointment reminders and messaging are even more powerful with the addition of two-way conversations with patients. A patient has the ability to reply to an appointment reminder or can send a message at any time and those messages are displayed in the EZBIS software with an alert that there is a new message from a patient. Likewise, you can send text messages to patients. At any time, you can see the conversation, just like you would on a cell phone!

Two-way Text

Secondary Same-day Text Reminder *
Another added feature for appointment reminders is an automated secondary text reminder. This is useful when text reminder is sent to a patient a few days in advance of the appointment, but the patient does not confirm it. A new preference has been added to send a second reminder on the same day of the appointment. You can specify the lead-time for both the initial reminder and the secondary reminder.

Easier Bulk Email and Text Campaigns *
EZBIS version 13 makes sending bulk email and text campaigns easier and more intuitive. For either email or text, there is a screen that makes it easy to select the most common groups of patients for sending email or text campaigns and also provides a way to type in a custom message. As before, you can also select from a library of pre-designed email templates or pre-written text messages.

Bulk Email and Text Campaigns

* Appointment reminders and messaging is an optional service with additional fees, based on volume. Bulk email is a bonus feature that is available to EZBIS Service Agreement or Cloud Hosting subscriptions.